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CAD6 Release 2024.0 is available now!

The most recent improvements and extensions:

New: View Rotation – The display in drawing windows can now be rotated freely. This means, among other things, that a possible rotation angle can be retained when switching between mappings in the Model Space and on pages.
New: Edit Mapping – The content of a mapping can now be edited directly in Model Space, whereby all objects of the associated pages are displayed but cannot be changed.
New: Extended Dynamic Snapping Guide – The dynamic snapping guide can now be accessed directly from the parameter window and offers significantly more options.
New: Custom Menus in Toolbox and Panel – Define menus of up to 20 commands that are automatically displayed when you hover over a button in the Toolbox window or the Panel.
New: Improved Zoom Undo – In layout mode, the zoom undo information is now stored separately for Model Space and every page.
New: New Options for Pages – Pages can be made inactive so that they are not printed. Each page can be marked with a color. In layout mode, a page can now be completely duplicated along with its content.
New: Integration – A total of 10 former plug-ins were integrated into the program. This means that the their commands could be placed better in the menu, are faster to execute, and require less storage space.
New: Skins – Dark skins now apply to more control types in dialog windows, so that working with a dark background is much more pleasant. All skins have been optimized.
New: Parameter Window – The new Parameter Window shows the most important parameters and options at the screen's edge. The following commands benefit in particular:
• When generating a surface, a direct preview is now available. Using the Parameter Window, you can choose for each individual reference point whether normal drawing objects, Construction Aid objects, and/or Snapping Guide objects shall be recognized.
• The commands "Line > Polyline / Curve" and "Polygon > Freeform / Surface" are now controlled via Parameter Window with more options and feature a better feedback during input.
• The two commands each for "Contour Tracking Curve" and "Contour Tracking Surface" have been combined and are controlled using additional options in the Parameter Window.
• The trimming commands "Automatic Trim / Cut Out" and "Automatic Lengthen" are now controlled via Parameter Window with more options and can also use the dynamic snapping guide.
• The trimming commands "Assemble Surface" and "Assemble Curve" are now also controlled via options in the Parameter Window and more versatile than before.
New: Improved Snapping Modes – The two "Intersection" snap modes have been combined and can be controlled using "Construct > Display > Idle". "Corner/Endpoint" and "Marking" snap modes have been merged.
New: General Context Menu – Right-clicking an object in the drawing window invokes the new Context Menu by default, offering commands specific to the clicked object.
New: Now with 150+ Libraries – All available Standard Libraries with more than 20,000 symbols are now included with CAD6industrie and CAD6studio.

For a detailed list, please refer to the change log in the CAD6 Online Manual.

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