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CAD6 Release 2019 is available now!

Important Note:

Starting with Release 2019, we offer the following editions: CAD6industrie, CAD6studio, and the free CAD6starter. Licenses for other editions remain valid indefinitely, but their Support & Updates can no longer be renewed. As long as your Support & Updates has not yet expired, we offer very attractive upgrades to CAD6industrie and CAD6studio, please contact us in time!

The most recent improvements and extensions:

New: Better informed – The display of update information and current news has been improved, they can now be accessed individually.
New: Graphical revision – Command icons, graphics, and skins have been completely revised, CAD6 features a new logo and a new design.
New: More automation – Scenarios can now also be created and used for printing and for file export via export filters.
New: Drawing preview – The drawing list in which you can choose the most recently used drawings now displays a preview for each drawing.
New: Use the clipboard – Use the clipboard to copy layers, pens, and colors from one drawing to another.
New: Improved SVG export – Now creates SVG Version 1.1 and also supports transparencies.
New: Parametric compounds – create compounds of objects with changeable numerical parameters, with access to global variables and attributes in blocks and groups.

Video on YouTube (with German commentary) »
New: Dynamic hatchings – line and block based hatchings automatically adapt to any changes of their surrounding outlines and remain editable.

Video on YouTube (with German commentary) »
New: Conceal objects – hide objects of the drawings temporarily, independent from Undo / Redo.
New: Clean up drawing – comfortably remove all unused elements such as internal blocks, pens, layers, etc. from the drawing.
New: Updated data exchange – DXF and DWG exchange now supports file versions up to version 2019 and uses all new features.

For a detailed list, please refer to the version history that you can download as PDF file:

Version History [PDF, 100+ pages, 1 MiB]
  List of all changes and error corrections between different versions of Malz++Kassner CAD6.

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