Selection Filter

Whenever selecting objects, you can use a powerful filter to narrow down the amount of suitable objects. It filters by object type, properties, layer and pen assignment, text, font, and much more.

Once the selection filter is active, the range of selectable objects will automatically be limited to those matching the given conditions. A command such as »Choose All« or an area selection will automatically select only those objects that match the filter criteria. Each filter can consist of up to five concurrent filter criteria that each can contain multiple ranges or choices.
You might for example filter for all circles assigned to one of four chosen layers and having a specific line width. Or you look for all surfaces that are filled in red. Limit the selection to all block instances that have the word »screw« in their block names. Or to all texts that use the font »Arial«. Or whatever you might require this time…

Once a filter has been defined, it can be switched on and off by means of a single mouse click or key press and will be highlighted at the crosshairs during input. Frequently used filters can be saved under a name to be easily accessible at any later time.

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